Texas Saltwater Fishing Links
Workingman Charters
Galveston deep sea Fishing  Galveston Fishing Charters  Galveston Offshore Fishing Freeport Deep Sea Fishing
National Marine Fisheries www.nmfs.gov
NOAA -National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration www.noaa.gov
Gulf of Mexico Essential Fish Habitat (NMFS Galveston Laboratory page) http://galveston.ssp.nmfs.gov/index.html
NOAA's Fisheries Service http://www.nmfs.noaa.gov/
HMS Permits for Tuna,shark - www.hmspermits.gov/
Federal Fishing Rules for the gulf of mexico http://www.gulfcouncil.org/
Galveston Bay Foundation http://www.galvbay.org/
platform removal observer program - rigs http://galveston.ssp.nmfs.gov/platforms/index.html
Gulf of Mexico bouy System - click a bouy http://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/maps/WestGulf.shtml
Wunderground weather for Galveston or Freeport www.wunderground.com
The weather channel http://www.weather.com/
Boneyard Baits   http://www.boneyardbaits.com
Galveston beach House Rentals
Galveston Guy and Realitor  www.galvestonguy.com
Texas Travel www.texasexplorer.com
Cool stuff for kids -all clean on the galveston fisheries site
Fishing Reports
The Reel Reports www.reelreports.com
The American Outdoorsman - USA Hunting and Fishing reports http://www.americasoutdoorsman.com/
Fishing Reports Articles  http://www.reelreports.com/
Texas Bass Fishing http://www.texasbassfishing.com
Land Big Fish Forums and Reports http://www.landbigfish.com/
Fintalk Fishing Reports for all over the US http://www.fintalk.com/
LIVE Webcams for Galveston
Galveston Live webcams http://www.galveston.com/webcams
Fishing Tackle and anything else you need fishing related
Live Bait Pens   M-Live Bait Pens & Accessories
Great Product Specializing in Marine / Boat, Slip Resistant Granulated Rubber Flooring, Custom Flooring  http://www.safe-floor.com
PS Fishing Tackle  http://www.psfishing.com/
Sportsman resource – http://www.sportsmansresource.com
Captains Wearables http://www.captainsgear.com/
Fishing and Boating Accessories http://www.fishing-catalog.com/
NEW Glass2 you won't believe how good this stuff works http://www.newglass2.com/
Texas Travel and Galveston vacations
Texas Sports Guide http://www.texs.com/
TEXAS Explorer - vacation Destinations all over texas - Beautiful site http://www.texasexplorer.com/
Clear Lake City,Texas http://www.clearlakecity.com/
Galveston Fun Maps http://www.GalvestonfunMap.com
NEW - Catch a wave at the new Wake Nation in Rosharon ,Texas http://www.wakenation.com
Scuba Diving Supplies and Gear
Island Scuba - Sunrise,Fla.- For all your Diving Equipment
Galveston Freeport Fishing Charters
Galveston Deep Sea Fishing www.workingmancharters.com
Other Fishing websites
Fishing Resources http://www.ifishing.info
Newpapers - Local- Freeport,Galveston, Houston Texas- keep up to date
The Freeport facts  http://www.thefacts.com/
The galveston County Daily News  www.galvestondailynews.com