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Freeport Deep Sea Fishing.. Freeport Fishing is so much closer to deepwater faster and alot bigger fish !
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Galveston Freeport Fishing Reports
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Bullreds,speckled trout,sand trout,blackdrum,big gafttop sail catfish,puppy drum and sheephead
NEW PHOTO'S AND TRIP REPORTS - Freeport Deep Sea Fishing Trips Below pictures
What a trip with these guys from Tomball, TX and the great state of Michigan. Casey Aldrith and wife Nicole and friends Aaron Sanders and wife Rebecca spanked some great fish fishing the Galveston Bay Complex. Bull
Reds, slot Reds, puppy drum, Bonnet head sharks and and an Atlantic Sharp Nose shark ending the trip with 16 total keepers and a full fish box. These guys couldn't believe their eyes and their sore muscles at the end
of the day. Fishing Report and Conditions: Water temp a hot 87 degrees and water color beautiful. Winds were calm and the bite was on. First cast bam - second cast bam and so on and so on... Live shrimp was the
ticket.Until next time!Trying to catch up on the june trips please be paitent Thank you
This trip resulted in the creation of a new salt water angling fan. Michael Sanchez from North Texas and girlfriend April spanked some great fish fishing the Galveston Bay Complex. Bull reds, slot reds, puppy drum and
speckled trout. These anglers fished with me June 16th in the morning however the trip was cut short due to the severe weather in our area. So I rescheduled for Sunday morning and it resulted in a short trip due to April
turning ill (big rolling waves). Regardless of the length of time fishing (1.5 hours) they still nailed um! Respecting April's wishes she is not in this photo.
Fishing Report and Conditions:The bite is on and winds and waves are here. Water temp 88 degrees, water clarity slightly stained. My prefferred bait - live shrimp and cut shad. Hold on to the poles cause they are
bending over!Until next time!Regards, Capt. Jaime

What a wild ride this past Saturday regarding the weather. Saturday morning was quite a weather event with boomers all around. Subsequently the morning trip was rescheduled however, the weather Saturday afternoon
of which my former customer Larry Hanes and wife Melinda spanked some hilacious fish. Fishing the Galveston Bay Complex, Bull reds, slot reds, perfect size puppy drum and a black tip shark were going to be on the
dinner table for many nights to come.Fishing Report and Conditions:
The bite is consistant from sunrise to sunset. Water temp 87 degrees and clarity is partly cloudy. These fish were caught using live shrimp and cut bait on top and bottom....Well thats it for now until next time.
What a busy weekend. Sunday morning trip in the Galveston Bay Complex resulted in a nice catch for anglers Javier Hernandez Sr. son Javier Jr. and friends Johnny, Jose, George and Ceasar. 42 keepers which
included Black tip and spinner sharks (thrown back of course) gaftop sailfish, sandtrout and big big big black drum. These guys couldn't raise there arms after this trip.
Fishing report and conditions:Water temp 85 degrees clarity - partly cloudy winds were ripping... Bait of choice live shrimp & cut bait on top and bottom. Regards,Capt. Jaime Master Captain Jaime Cantu Licensed by
Fishing Galveston, TX Bays & Near Coastal
July 1st 2014 Sunday afternoon trip with another six anglers wore me my deckhand and customers out. These guys put 65 fish in the cooler - (it took longer to clean um than it did to catch um)  just kidding. This angling
team consisted of dad Cyed Sultan and son Taj with friends Bruce, Cole, Cody and Steve fishing the Galveston Complex. Black tip shark and spinner sharks (released) sandtrout, gaftop was on the menu for the next
several meals with a promise to return asap....The bite was on again with storms all around us. Water temp a hot 86 degrees and clarity surprizingly clear. Live shrimp and cut bait on top netted the sharks. Well that's it for
now until next report.
July 7,2014 -morning
The morning trip of July 7th with Cindy and David Villareal and son David Jr. resulted in another good day of fishing. Slot reds ,speckled trout, sand trout and whiting (16 total) were on the menu that evening and many more
evenings to follow.
Fishing report and Conditions:The bite is on with live shrimp and cut bait for some sharks. Water temp was 84 and water clarity partly cloudy. Winds were breezy so we fished some protected areas that resulted in a great
fishing trip.
july 7,2014 - afternoon
Saturday afternoons trip with dad John son John jr and friend Damion from North Texas was a blast. 15 keepers from Speckled trout to mangro snapper and Atlantic Sharp nose sharks ending the adventure.
Fishing report and water conditions:The afternoon bite slowed slightly however the point of interest was the weather. Storms all around. Water temp 85 degrees and water clarity remained partly cloudy to stained. Live
shrimp and fresh dead bait was the meal ticket for these fish.
Aug 5 14 with a local resident living in Bayou Vista was a speckled trout success story. Ben girlfriend Carly and daughter Gracy caught some great speckled trout and shark using live shrimp in the galveston complex.
Fishing report and water conditions: Water temp 86.3 degrees clarity crystal clear and the bite was on.  Free line live shrimp proved to be the recipe and fresh dead shad for the sharks.
Yesterday's afternoon trip resulted in a huge catch in the fish box. Out of towners a last minute trip for the Corbett Family. Grandpa Ernie wife Buffie daughter Kayla son in law Anthony kids Shawn and Hayley slaughtered
the slot reds, bull reds, speckled trout, puppy drum, oversized drum, mangro snapper, lady fish, spanish mackeral - you name we caught it. Fishing Report and Conditions: Storms everywhere - water temp 86.4 degrees
clarity was like the carribean and flat. Live shrimp was the ticket. First cast bam through the last cast which was a bam bam!
Take care and tight lines
Captain Tres
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Take care see ya next trip!
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