Galveston shark fishing leaving Galveston Yacht club and marina in Galveston,Texas .
Voted #1 in 2007,2008,2009,2010,2011,2012
One of Galvestons premire shark fishing Charters Galveston Shark Fishing Charter for TEXAS in Maxim Magazine!
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The best time to go Galveston shark fishing in Galveston offshore waters is May- Sept. but, I have also hooked up in Oct and November to some super mega sharks so you just never know gulf Sharks feed
year round they do not stop. We do catch alot bigger sharks Galveston offshore fishing but, 9 times out of 10 they are just too big and all you can do is fight them.. ! We have had guys hang into 12+' sharks
and fight them for hours only to loose them due to the fish not even knowing he was hooked and just swam away. Texas Shark fishing and Galveston shark fishing is for people in pretty good shape, not for
the people who cannot take undo stress, after the bite is on you will be under stress. On all our Galveston Shark Fishing trips you will fish for red snapper, wahoo, ling, kingfish, shark, dorado and more, We
don't just go out and Target a shark althought they are so easy to get you normally will hook up to 3 or more on any trip. Our Texas Sharks normally weigh anywhere from 30-150 lbs of weighted food. Best
eating shark to lynn's taste has to be the Blacktip hands down firm white flaky meat when fried or broiled. Grilling seems to dry the meat if grilled , best done wrapped in foil with fresh lemons and butter and
a 1 clove of fresh chopped garlic. The texture is like red snapper yes, shark meat is that white. When choosing a charter make absolutly sure they know how to prep the shark after boating it. Remember
laerger sharks are going to be a deeper run.             
Biggest sharks while Texas Shark Fishing - Galveston Texas seems to produce the largest
2006 - 8'- blacktip Shark to hit the dock-dressed out 120+ lbs very good eating
2007 - Bull shark at the pass - 7' boated numerous smaller sizes small to me is 3-4' nothing to really brag about but, still a decent shark for some. Some guys like them some don't. Lynn won't eat a
bull shark. To each his own it's your shark if you want it you get it.
2008 May 200 lb bull shark San L. Pass and full of fight and teeth to go with it
Biggest Hookup 2006- Tiger Shark species-12-15' not boated but, released at boatside. Not a good eating shark. these sharks will eat anything and do
Galveston Yacht Basin Marina on the Scarab 7 1/2 ' Blacktip Shark about 150-170 lbs 8/14/2009 Thank you Dr. Bill enjoyed the trip and your son as usuall
Galveston 7/20/2010 65 mile trip 8' hammerhead shark by Angler Kayla 17 yrs. old
Family Trip 2010 - Our daughter Anne with her first shark a bay shark released
2010 - Our Boat Owner caught a 9 1/2' Bull shark 65 miles out hasn't sent us the picture yet over 200 lbs
We do practice keeping 1 shark per boat legal length of course 6 foot + all tigers are released per regulations
freeport shark fishing
6' blacktip shark caught from galveston shark fishing
Tamie's Blacktip shark caught on freeport fishing charter
Freeport Fishing charters -Blacktip Shark 8 feet
Shark Caught Galveston shark Fishing -shark fishing
Shovel Nose Shark 6' Freeport shark fishing
galveston shark fishing
Freeport shark fishing,hammerhead shark
Private trip shark fishing
galveston shark fishing
galveston shark fishing
We suggest you plan for your trip and bring the following:

- Good sun glasses, a hat, sunscreen,Fishing License for Saltwater
- Motion sickness pills if needed Please take before you or trip at least a few hrs. to get the full effect
- A jacket for the morning, light colored clothes for the afternoon No Black it absorbs the sun you want white or something light colored to reflect
- Water, soda, a light lunch, munchies , I normally bring spare water for me and my deckhand
A camera for those big game pictures of you and your fish! I try to get my own photos so email Tres after your trip for larger photos and maybe he has some you don't he will be more than glad to
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Workingman Fishing Charters Galveston Shark Fishing Charters
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